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Executing Actions

Corporate Actions

Watch Nick and Adam talking about the current state of and future plans for corporate actions on Polymesh.

You can watch the whole talk in one go or pick the parts related to each section of the documentation.

You want to conduct your corporate actions on-chain? No problem with Polymesh! Find out all about corporate actions and how to implement them.

Using an example scenario, we will conduct a corporate action. With a step-by-step you will explore how corporate actions can be done on-chain using the Dashboard and the Polymesh SDK.

What will we explore?

  • A first dive in the overview going through all relating to on-chain corporate action possibilities
  • Implementing a corporate action using the Dashboard with an introductory exercise
  • A developer exercise focused on corporate action implementation using the SDK
  • A self-assessment quiz to test your knowledge
  • Links to reference documentation to dive even deeper when it comes to corporate actions on Polymesh

Overview: Corporate action on Polymesh

Explore how you can perform corporate actions, like distributing a dividend or royalty payment to asset owners, addressing rights issues, or executing a stock split. This overview introduction gives a first glance into the opportunities and functionalities of Polymesh and corporate actions.

Discover how Polymesh streamlines corporate actions.


Corporate actions

Public companies when implementing changes in regard to securities, equity, or debt, have to perform corporate actions. Polymesh can help move these from the off-chain world to become processes on-chain.

We will dive deeper on Polymesh and corporate actions - the possibilities and the limits - through an example scenario. We will dive deeper building on the introduction by targeting handling corporate actions on Polymesh using the Dashboard and the SDK.

Dive into further resources

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