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Know Your Customer

KYC & CDD in Polymesh

In this episode, Adam and Nick are going through KYC & CDD in Polymesh. They explain how KYC and CDD processes are enabled by Polymesh.

You can watch the whole talk in one go or pick the parts related to each section of the documentation.

KYC checks to verify identities of customers are essential to comply with financial service guidelines.

Do you want to include KYC checks in your processes? Find out all about Polymesh's KYC implementation in the following sections.

With the help of an example scenario, we will explore KYC compliance in the Polymesh network. A walkthrough with the Dashboard and a deep-dive into the SDK will make it all easy to grasp and give a hands-on approach to KYC in Polymesh.

What is there to discover?

  • An introduction overview that goes into the conceptual ideas behind KYC compliance on Polymesh.
  • Using the Dashboard for a hands-on introductory exercise.
  • KYC compliance implementation with the SDK in a developer-level exercise.
  • A self-assessment quiz to test your understanding.
  • Links to the reference documentation to dive deeper.

Overview: KYC

KYC is at the heart of a compliant digital securities management. As a purpose-built blockchain, Polymesh addresses this market requirement.

Explore the main concepts behind KYC management on Polymesh. Taking a closer look at how identity and compliance is approached, attestations work, and KYC service providers are integrated into the network gives a well-rounded overview.

Let's discover the main concepts behind Polymesh's KYC approach and how one becomes a KYC provider.


KYC with Polymesh

Ensuring KYC compliance on a blockchain is an ambitious goal. Polymesh was developed to reach it.

Polymesh is designed to implement KYC compliance and integrate it into the on-chain processes. The network offers access to KYC service providers and allows establishing specific compliance requirements to adapt to different regulatory regimes.

For a better understanding of how KYC services are implemented in Polymesh, let's take a look at an example scenario using the Dashboard and the SDK.

Dive into further resources

A closer look at the detailed technical documentation to dive deeper?