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Transferring Assets

Discover Polymesh's compliant on-chain solution

Settlement has never been so seamless.

Want to incorporate a custodian and exchange? No problem at all. Polymesh does that.

Take a look at the example scenario, then dive into step-by-step practice exercises and see it unfold on the Dashboard and with the Polymesh SDK.

What’s inside?

  • The overview introduces important conceptual ideas and how Polymesh addresses custody, compliant and settlement.
  • An introductory exercise. Try it yourself using the Dashboard
  • A developer-level exercise focused on settlement implementation using the SDK
  • Dive deeper with links to the reference documentation

Overview: Settlement and custody

Discover how Polymesh handles multiparty transactions, instructions, KYC requirements, affirmations, and atomic executions.

This overview reveals how Polymesh addresses the needs of custody service providers, exchanges and others participating in the settlement process.


Settlement, custody and exchanges

Polymesh is tailored for the needs and challenges of capital markets. Compliant settlement processes involving many participants unfold on-chain. Polymesh allows custodians and exchanges to offer their services seemleslessly.

Explore an example scenario. Building on the concepts from the introduction, let’s take a look at settlements on Polymesh using the Dashboard and the SDK.

Settlement with the Dashboard

Let’s perform a settlement with your browser and the Polymesh Dashboard. A step-by-step example.

Settlement with the SDK

Create trades and affirm instructions with the SDK

Dive into further resources

A closer look at the detailed technical documentation to dive deeper?